Korean “Hapchida” translates in equivalent english as “Combined or Unique”. “Do” translates in english as “way”. This art benefits from elements of martial arts from different cultures & styles utilizing  the best of each. This is the founding principal of this training:
*Aikido is a Japanese based Martial Art/philosphy of blending. This part of Hapchidado develops sensitivity and efficiency using energy from the attacker, blending with it , and redirecting. Students  of different sizes, body types, and skill levels, benefit from partner-based throwing, sword drawing postures  & vizualization, and sensitivity development from energy redirection / blending techniques.
*TaeKwon Do is a Korean based Martial Art using hand and foot  striking / kicking / blocking techniques, repetitive movement, reflex training, one on one sparring, and form practice bringing a “little more Yang” to the “Yin” of Aikido. The early movements are fairly quick to "grasp" and execute, with  power and rapid development of reflexes, flexibility, and defensive skills following as the student progresses.
*Hung-gar  Kungfu is a Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu fighting system utilizing meditation, animal imitation, & posture techniques, reflex / flexibility / strength training, weapons, and more. The founder of Hapchidado having trained in these arts and continuing research of techniques, feelings, and philosphies from  from kickboxing, grappling, ninjutsu, and guest instructors, Hapchidado rounds out training in a way that single system training arts don't address.