Mike Dasaro

Kenpo & Hapchidado Shodan

Mike "Raptor" Dasaro, a Kenpo black belt when he joined us, was one of Hapchidado's first students, and eventually a guest instructor when this busy U.S. marine wasn't deployed

Bernard Andre

Aikido & Hapchidado Shodan

Bernard "B" Andre was one of Hapchidado's early students and Goodwine Sensei´s aikido training partners.

Khari Nelson-Moran

Boston Hapchidado Joshu

Khari "Bambuu" Nelson-Moran's Native American soul and music singer/poet/rapper background rose through Hapchidado's ranks to assistant and eventually instructor of Boston Hapchidado.

Michael Zawitkowski

Berklee and Boston Joshu

Michael "Ferret" Zawitkowski was part of the inaugural official Hapchidado adult class and later Berklee club assistant trainer and Boston Hapchidado assistant.

Marimikel Charrier

Berklee and Boston Joshu

Marimikel "Falcon" Charrier trained in Hapchidado while at Berklee College of Music and eventually became an assistant for the Berklee Hapchidado and Boston Hapchidado children's clubs.

Sean Dargie

Berklee Hapchidado Club Senpai

Sean, a certified Navy diver, skilled fencing player, and vocal percussionist, trained at Berklee Hapchidado and adopted Dojo Senpai or "senior" role for Berklee Hapchidado club.

Benedicte Barø

Glåmos Hapchidado Joshu

Benedicte was one of the longest active and highest ranked Hapchidado Norway students and is currently training and assistant trainer with our Glåmos childrens groups.

Chris Adrian Barø

Glåmos Hapchidado Joshu

Chris Adrian is our highest ranked Hapchidado Norway Senpai, and Joshu (assistant) with Hapchidado Norge Glåmos and Ålen children's clubs and still actively training.

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