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Encompassing the spirit of Power, Honor and Heart, we offer applied principles in the art of self-defense and personal growth. Literally translating into "Combined (or Unique) Way", Hapchida-do incorporates elements of Aikido, Taekwondo, Hung-gar Gung-Fu, JiuJitsu (grappling), Judo (throwing), Ninjustu (Path to Enlightnment), Chi Kung breathing, meditative visualization and many of the weapons associated with the martial arts.   


Welcome to Hapchida-Do Martial Arts Website. Guests may feel free to look around and see what we have to offer.. Members can click the Members button to our password protected pages for even more detailed information and fun. 

Please stop in and see us online and in person, We update frequently. Bushido!


Our Dojo updates are primarily powered by our Facebook members. Check in each day for new information.

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Independent Martial Arts Federation
International Independent Martial Artists Association


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