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Children's Classes

Children, being the "sponges" that they are, absorb information, energy, habits, and everything else through their senses, by exposure to stimulus. These habits, good or bad, become imprinted and are difficult, although not impossible, to change. Martial Arts have a unique combination of properties we believe are essential to the development of the young mind & body. Starting training young imprints beneficial traits and mental processes that extend beyond training and into home/school/everyday life. The best of each developing student is improved as weaknesses are examined and dealt with. This is a founding principal of Hapchida-do.


Our S.W.A.T. (Students With Adult Tendencies) class is for students age 12 - 17. This class helps focus on critical elements for the teenager and young adult. Scenarios that students may encounter in life outside the dojo are examined as well as topics in the news involving young people. Having a safe place with peers and mentors to work through issues is important in this day and age with our young exposed to so much. Younger students can be recommended for this class by our instructors.

Geezer Group

This class is dedicated to the "older, wiser, not-so-spongy person", ages 18 and up. We focus on good stretching routines, reflex sharpening, sensitivity and awareness training in addition to core Hapchidado Martial Arts techniques & principles curriculum.

A.M. Cardio

Having a strong cardiovascular system is the basis for good health and solid martial arts building blocks. Martial artists often have problems with standard aerobic exercises, not seeing the use of the movements and feeling silly. Over the years, Billy Blanks has developed and trademarked an aerobic workout he has named "TaeBo".


Budo Club

Instructor invitation to a non style specific training laboratory and exploration of combat and self-defense techniques. While we study and pick through different martial arts styles and systems, we also work with healing, meditation, and effective, no nonsense reality self-defense. 

Open M.A.T.

Hapchida-do Open M.A.T. (Martial Arts Training sessions) gives students a chance to try out different aspects of Hapchida-do with supervision. Consider this a training laboratory. Students focus on sparring, grappling, kickboxing, Aikido, Tantojutsu, weapons taking, self defense scenarios, multiple person attacks - all being part of our training where we apply some of the techniques and feelings in simulated combat. One-on-one partial contact techniques are practiced, fighting strategies are analysed and developed, and intense situations are examined and safely worked on. Safety contact equipment is often used for this aspect of training which involves having essential physical contact that sometimes injures or frightens people. Participants must be mindful and respectful of the different people training. Techniques from this class often have direct applications for street confrontations, tournament contact sparring and self defense.

Weapons Traning

Weapons associated with the martial arts should be treated as natural extensions of our unarmed training. The use of a weapon should enhance, not hinder, our movements and often the opposite happens. This is due to our lack of understanding and connection of the extension concept. So much focus is placed on the tool that the body forgets to extend energy through and beyond the weapon he or she is holding. Trying not to sound too "mystical", it's probably a good idea for you to come visit our weapons training class.


Hapchida-do Advanced Training Sessions (H.A.T.S.) are for the intermediate to advanced martial artist. Students of Hapchida-do, as well as advanced students from other martial art disciplines, train together in a seminar-like atmosphere with participants bringing their vast experiences, training styles, techniques, and insight to the mat. Some experimentation and examination of techniques often leads to interesting debates, trials, and ultimately, a living laboratory for our students. Some of the topics dealt with in the advanced class are: empty hand self defense, meditation, weapons, breaking, grappling, chokes and more.

H.A.T.S. classes are for Instructor recommended members 4th gup and up. 

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